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Year 6 - Miss Hussey & Mr McFadden


P.E. Tuesday and Wednesday – children will need a full kit. White t-shirt, dark shorts and trainers.

Homework – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Monday: Reading

Wednesday: Mathematics

Friday: SPaG (Spelling Grammar and Punctuation) & weekly spellings


Useful websites to support your child’s learning and to have some fun



This term Year 6 are reading the novel Dancing Bear by Michael Morpurgo.


We are reading the book in conjunction with our study of mountains.


Picture 1

A gentle and deeply moving story of a young girl and her bear, told with great charm by a master storyteller.


High in the mountains, in a tiny village, an abandoned bear cub is adopted by a lonely orphan child. Soon they are inseparable and loved by the whole village - safe, until the arrival of a glamorous film crew who need a dancing bear...



Click on the link below to find out more about Michael Morpurgo.


Our Work

The children have completed some wonderful writing based on our reading of Carrie's War and our study of World War II. This work has been displayed in the two year six classrooms and the children are extremely proud of their work.

Take a look at the displays below. 

Classroom Displays

Our London Adventure - Wednesday 6th December 2017


As part of our studies of World War II year 6 visited London. We had a wonderfully busy and exciting day. After a very early start, to catch the train, we arrived in London at 11 o'clock. We saw lots of sights like Big Ben, The London Eye and the Palace of Westminster. We also visited the Imperial War Museum, Downing Street and Churchill's War Rooms. We learnt so much about the war and for many of us it was also our first ever visit to London. The trip was educational, inspirational and most of all fun and exciting.

Take a look at some of our photographs below.


Science Week

November 6th to 10th 2017


Year 6 had a fabulous time during science week. We studied many aspects of our Solar System and looked at Exo-planets. We made model systems and look at which planets could sustain life. We found that planets must be situated in the 'Goldilocks Zone' for there to be a chance of life. The conditions in this zone are, 'Just Right.'

We also made models of the planets in our solar system out of play dough. We did this to see how each planet compared in size. We discovered that Jupiter is bigger than all the other seven planets combined.


We also wrote poems about the sun. We made this very tricky as we were only allowed to use words beginning with s.

Here is an example of the poems we wrote



Steaming, shimmering star

Spinning swiftly

Scalding, sensational sphere

Sprouting slowly, spiralling silently

Sun-melting, sizzling surface

Solar-flares scattered softly

Solar system, specially shining

Super-swift, span-stretching SUN